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Comparative Study 3 Countries

Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand


About Comparative Study

The comparative study contains a concept of an activity to review and evaluate an object or place, especially regarding aspects of the advantages that have orientation for development and development. Comparative study is defined as research as a part of a structure, systematically.

The main purpose of doing comparative study is to dig up as much information that can be obtained technically and empirically. Moreover this comparative study can be used as a barometer and comparison which is then entered as an analysis to find an applicative innovation for the future, in the short as well as long term. Comparative Study to 3 countries (Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand) is to add new insights, experiences, comparisons with other countries and increase their thinking horizon.

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Series of Activities

Mission Comparative Study

Comparative study is created for those who learn to improve and understand the global ecconomic issues as well as undergoing the culture excursion from first hand at once.

Study Abroad Insight

International class program, learning about studying abroad to empower oneself with new experiences, skills, and knowledge to compete internationally in the future

Cross Culture Erudition

Experiencing the culture of Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand by visiting the countries and getting in touch with locals.

International Exposure

Having a chance to expose oneself through the program and to get international exposure.